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Relax with Yoga

Being able to relax is meant to be the natural state of any human being. Unfortunately in our often very full lives, we can’t readily fall back into this natural state when needed; for some, even the cue ‘relax’, causes more tension than relief. The inability to ‘relax’ You may have experienced that after a… Read more »

Authenticity in Yoga

How do we know if what we are learning is authentic Yoga? It depends on our definition of ‘authentic’. After many years of continuous & consistent practice, for me, authentic Yoga involves all three components; asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation, based on a traditional approach. One aims to practice Yoga for the purpose… Read more »

A Full Experience of Ashtanga Yoga – Anzac Day Morning

Explore all aspects of an Ashtanga Yoga practice with asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Experience the amazing feeling and effects of this all-encompassing practice. Dedicate the morning of 25 April, ANZAC day, to your Yoga! ASANAS 7-9 AM MYSORE WITH AYA PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION 9.15-10.45 AM WITH ANGELIKA If you are new to the Mysore style… Read more »

Easter timetable 2019

Easter Weekend Good Friday – 19 April 7.00-9.00am Mysore — with Angelika 9.15-10.45am Yoga Flow — with Lisa Easter Saturday – 20 April 8.00-9.25am Yoga Flow — with Angelika 9.30-11.30am Mysore — with Angelika 11.30am-12.30pm Yoga Flow Beginners — with Phillippa Easter Sunday – 21 April closed Easter Monday – 22 April 7.00-9.00am Mysore — with… Read more »

Do I have enough time for Yoga?

Yes, of course you do! ‘Time is passing so quickly!’, is a remark made frequently. Our life often appears to be very busy, and to add a yoga practice to the daily schedule can seem almost impossible. That our days are taken up by a myriad of commitments is a reality for many of us,… Read more »

Can yoga help you lose weight?

A big part of achieving body positivity and improving mental wellbeing is being at a weight you are comfortable with. If you are looking to shed a few kilograms and reach your fitness goals, you may be wondering whether the activities and exercises you enjoy are actually enough to make this happen. For yoga lovers,… Read more »

Long Weekend Schedule

Use the opportunity of the Public Holiday to join us in Yoga! Saturday 26 January 8.00-9.25am       Yoga Flow with Kate 9.30-11.30am      Mysore with Angelika 11.30-12.30pm     Yoga Flow Beginners with Angelika SIGN UP Sunday 27 January 9.00-10.30am      Yoga Flow with Sarah SIGN UP Monday 28 January 7.00-9.00am        Mysore… Read more »

From Denial to Truthfulness through Yoga

When I first arrived in Sydney I attended a course in the beautiful Japanese healing art, Shiatsu. One of the many insightful teachings I have brought with me from this course was what one of the teachers repeatedly stressed: ‘when you lay your hands on a body, you will always get a true reflection of… Read more »

Xmas & New Year schedule

As always we will be teaching throughout the Festive Season. Come and enjoy some Yoga during this special time. All from North Sydney Yoga, wish you a wonderful time with family and friends in your celebrations, and all the best for 2019! Wednesday 19 December – Led Class 5.45-7.15am with Angelika – BOOK All other… Read more »

Let’s Celebrate

Please come along to our get-together! Bring your family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you at our mid-day party…