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Love Your Hips With Yoga

At North Sydney Yoga we choose a practice focus each month to allow us to look at our yoga practice from a different perspective. It encourages a deepening of a particular aspect of our practice, and it keeps it fresh and alive. Of course it is also educational. The hips are a popular topic. Almost… Read more »

Time for Yoga

When we feel that we are too busy to the point of overwhelm, the things which are good for us often suffer first and take second place, or are set aside – like our yoga practice. Of course we are well aware that especially during those times, what we need most is our Yoga practice…. Read more »

Dṛiṣṭis in Aṣṭanga Yoga

“There are nine key dṛiṣṭi (drishti), or gazes, in the Aṣṭanga yoga tradition. Each one corresponds to a specific point of focus. By incorporating the dṛiṣṭi into your yoga practice you will deepen your awareness and connection with the Divine.” (Yogapedia) Placing our gaze onto a specific point during the practice of an asana helps… Read more »

Is Yoga Exercise?

Is Yoga Exercise?

Recently a man delivered a new eftpos machine to the school. Intrigued by the space, he started talking to me about Yoga. He was adamant that he “didn’t like stretching”. Once again I became aware of how Yoga is sometimes still misunderstood as being simply physical exercise or just ‘stretching’. I decided I again had… Read more »

Shall I practice Ashtanga Yoga when I am menstruating?

Many women in the Ashtanga community are taking two or more days off from practice when they have their periods. I always found it sad that women aren’t encouraged more to take advantage of the amazing healing benefits a Yoga practice can provide during those days. The Ashtanga sequence is rigorous and might in its… Read more »

returning from holidays - Swiss mountain in snow

Make Yoga a Part of your Routine

Years ago I loathed the nearing of the end of a holiday, already missing all the beautiful experiences and adventures I had had. It is only since Yoga has become such an integral part of my life that I’m now looking forward to coming back home to my usual practice. Yoga has made my life… Read more »

Yoga when travelling

Returning from Europe I had such a warm welcome back in Australia. In Europe there are very strict rules around dealing with the virus and sometimes the everyday movement of people on public transport. Especially in Germany, where the Germans are very good at policing people and sometimes just a little bit too perfect ;)… Read more »

Santosa - Contentment

Santosa – Contentment

In stark contrast with things like ‘Black Friday’ and the consumerism surrounding Christmas, Yoga teaches us the exact opposite – the cultivation of contentment. Yamas The first two out of the eight limbs of Yoga cover some moral and ethical codes. The first limb – called Yama – describes ways as to how to relate… Read more »