Studio Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we clarify some of our students’ most pressing questions and provide some yoga guidelines.

How do I know if my booking has been confirmed?

Your place in the course is automatically confirmed once we have received payment for the whole course.  Please arrive 10 minutes early when you come to your first class to settle in and register.

What do I wear?

Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so no footwear is needed.  Dress in a comfortable outfit that allows for movement and bring something warm for relaxation.  You may also wish to bring a small towel.

Do I need to bring special equipment?

We are a full service yoga studio, mats and all props are provided.

Should I eat or drink before class?

It is best to practice on an empty stomach.  As a guide, have a light snack no less than two hours before coming to class.  Drink plenty of water before and after class, we have filtered water on tap in the school.

I’m really stiff, can I do yoga?

Absolutely!  Yoga will help you increase flexibility.

I’ve finished an Ashtanga Yoga Intro Course, what now?

Feel free to take the Ashtanga Yoga Intro Course as many times as you would like, it is a wonderful foundation for your practice.  Alternatively, you may choose to drop into any one of our Ashtanga Yoga Beginners or Mysore classes.

Do I need to know the Ashtanga sequence before coming to a Mysore style class?

There is no need to know the sequence before coming along to a Mysore style class.  Your teacher will take you through the sequence one pose at a time.  If you would like to familiarise yourself with the Ashtanga Vinyasa method of yoga, it’s a great idea to take advantage of our Beginners Mysore Course or Ashtanga Yoga Intro Course to orient yourself with the practice.

Studio Guidelines

At North Sydney Yoga we work hard to create a peaceful, relaxing and respectful space for all our students.  One that is without distraction where everyone can completely let go and unwind while they practice.  We hold the beauty, cleanliness and tranquility of our space dear, and with this in mind, we have a few guidelines to enhance everyones experience at our school.

Coming and going

Please aim to arrive at the studio 10 minutes before class.  This gives you a chance to meet your teacher if you are new to the class as well as allowing you to settle into the space and leave the outside world behind.

If you do arrive late, enter and unroll your mat as quietly as possible.

Please try to stay for the entire class as there are many restorative benefits to resting at the end.  If you need to leave early, let your teacher know in advance and take some time for breathing and 5 minutes for Savasana, the final resting pose.

Our bodies

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method works to generate internal heat and detoxify the body.  Drinking water cools you down and reduces the effectiveness of the practice.  We encourage you to drink plenty of water half and hour before and immediately after yoga to keep yourself hydrated.

Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes, deodorants or other scents for the comfort of the other students and teachers.

It’s best to practice on an empty stomach, have a light meal no less than two hours before your class.

Help us foster respect for everyone in our community with a few guidelines on cleanliness while practicing.  Please wear clean clothes for practice and shower before class.  If you are a regular practitioner, please wash your mat every 6-8 weeks, otherwise every 3-4 months is advisable.  If you are using a studio mat, we have a spray and cloth available for wiping it down after each practice.

Our yoga space

Mobile phones off please!

Please be mindful of the silence and tranquility of the studio.

For sweaty yogis, bring a spare towel to dry the space around you before you go.