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at North Sydney Yoga

Dr Monica Gauci – Your Spine, Yoga & You
07 - 08 Sep 2019

A holistic look at the structure, function and energetic effects of the common thread in all yoga asana styles and techniques – our spine! Our modern lifestyle exacerbate the ill effects of poor posture, mental stress and spiritual discontent and our spine bears the burden of these stressors. Likewise it is the influence of our spine, its central energy channel and energetic centres that enables yoga it to work its ‘magic’. In this workshop we explore the spine as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual axis of our body and being.

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Ujjayi Breath and the Rhythmic Body 
16 - 17 Nov 2019

Rhythm weaves and underpins the fabric of all life. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a beautiful rhythmic dance of breath, space and motion. As we learn to consciously adapt and interweave the Ujjayi breath with the flow of movement, practice becomes a powerful healing and meditative process. Join Graeme and Leonie for an inspiring and fun weekend at North Sydney Yoga.

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