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Is Yoga Exercise?

Is Yoga Exercise?

Recently a man delivered a new eftpos machine to the school. Intrigued by the space, he started talking to me about Yoga. He was adamant that he “didn’t like stretching”. Once again I became aware of how Yoga is sometimes still misunderstood as being simply physical exercise or just ‘stretching’. I decided I again had… Read more »

Shall I practice Ashtanga Yoga when I am menstruating?

Many women in the Ashtanga community are taking two or more days off from practice when they have their periods. I always found it sad that women aren’t encouraged more to take advantage of the amazing healing benefits a Yoga practice can provide during those days. The Ashtanga sequence is rigorous and might in its… Read more »

returning from holidays - Swiss mountain in snow

Make Yoga a Part of your Routine

Years ago I loathed the nearing of the end of a holiday, already missing all the beautiful experiences and adventures I had had. It is only since Yoga has become such an integral part of my life that I’m now looking forward to coming back home to my usual practice. Yoga has made my life… Read more »

Santosa - Contentment

Santosa – Contentment

In stark contrast with things like ‘Black Friday’ and the consumerism surrounding Christmas, Yoga teaches us the exact opposite – the cultivation of contentment. Yamas The first two out of the eight limbs of Yoga cover some moral and ethical codes. The first limb – called Yama – describes ways as to how to relate… Read more »

Twists – Focus of the Month

In the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga we practice a couple of twists during the standing postures and a couple of seated twists. There are also plenty of not so obvious twists in other postures, like side-stretches and forward-bends e.g. in Utthita Trikonasana – the triangle posture – and in Janu Sirsasana – head… Read more »

navigating rough waters

Navigating Rough Waters by Jack Kornfield

Every morning when the Dalai Lama wakes up, he begins his morning practices with a prayer from Shantideva: “May I be a guard for those who need protection; a guide for those on the path; a boat, a raft, a bridge for those to cross the flood; may I be a lamp in the darkness;… Read more »

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea on Sunday

Let’s have a cup of tea together, a morsel, and a chat – online of course. How is everybody going? You might like to share a little lockdown Yoga story, read a poem, tell a joke, share a recipe or simply listen to, and see everyone. No Yoga tights allowed – pretend you are going… Read more »

Unexpected Joys of Teaching Yoga Online

The Unexpected Joys of Teaching Yoga Online

Reflections During Lockdown As much as one feels detached from the students when teaching Yoga online, there are certainly hilarious, uplifting and sometimes heartwarming moments to experience, when watching everyone practice. One morning when K started her first sun-salutation, her newly acquired puppy Ella, found observing K moving around the floor at dog-height, was most… Read more »

Yoga during a COVID lockdown

We all know that Yoga is good for us. But in what way can Yoga be beneficial during the times of COVID, especially during a lockdown? Keep moving What comes to mind immediately is that an asana practice (postures) will keep our physical body mobile and strong. This is important when we stay at home… Read more »