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Is Yoga Exercise?

Is Yoga Exercise?

Recently a man delivered a new eftpos machine to the school. Intrigued by the space, he started talking to me about Yoga. He was adamant that he “didn’t like stretching”. Once again I became aware of how Yoga is sometimes still misunderstood as being simply physical exercise or just ‘stretching’. I decided I again had… Read more »

Shall I practice Ashtanga Yoga when I am menstruating?

Many women in the Ashtanga community are taking two or more days off from practice when they have their periods. I always found it sad that women aren’t encouraged more to take advantage of the amazing healing benefits a Yoga practice can provide during those days. The Ashtanga sequence is rigorous and might in its… Read more »

returning from holidays - Swiss mountain in snow

Make Yoga a Part of your Routine

Years ago I loathed the nearing of the end of a holiday, already missing all the beautiful experiences and adventures I had had. It is only since Yoga has become such an integral part of my life that I’m now looking forward to coming back home to my usual practice. Yoga has made my life… Read more »

Yoga when travelling

Returning from Europe I had such a warm welcome back in Australia. In Europe there are very strict rules around dealing with the virus and sometimes the everyday movement of people on public transport. Especially in Germany, where the Germans are very good at policing people and sometimes just a little bit too perfect ;)… Read more »

Focus of the month of December

Union Literally translated, yoga means “to join or unify”, so union is an apt theme for the month of December. As the year closes and various cultures mark this auspicious time with rituals of togetherness, Yoga gives us the opportunity to move towards unity with ourselves and others using the very tangible vehicles of our… Read more »

Twists – Focus of the Month

In the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga we practice a couple of twists during the standing postures and a couple of seated twists. There are also plenty of not so obvious twists in other postures, like side-stretches and forward-bends e.g. in Utthita Trikonasana – the triangle posture – and in Janu Sirsasana – head… Read more »

Long Weekend Schedule 2021

Use the opportunity of the Public Holiday to join us in Yoga! Saturday 2 October 8.00-9.25am       Yoga Flow Online with Bogi 9.30-10.30 am     RNSH Health Care Frontline Workers Online with Bogi 9.30-11.30am      Mysore Online with Angelika 11.30-12.30pm     Yoga Flow Beginners Online with Angelika Sunday 3 October 9.00-10.30am      Yoga… Read more »

Pranayama Tuesday Morning 21 September

“The greatest struggle of the practice is getting out of bed! But when you finish your practice, you are rewarded with the energy and calm to help you flourish in your day. Thank you so much for guiding me on this journey” …. Anna-Louise   Dear students, Tuesday 21 September is a ‘Moonday’. The usual Mysore class… Read more »

Utthita Trikonasana Angelika

Led Creative Class with Angelika

A playful exploration Let’s have some fun practicing part of Primary Series, interspersed with infrequently practiced postures. Wednesday 1 September 6-7.30 am Some experience in Ashtanga required. Reserve A Space