FAQ of the Yoga Conditioning Workshop

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In a couple of days we have the first workshop of the Yoga Conditioning Series starting at 2pm (29/07). I’m thrilled to share that time with you! If you haven’t yet, you can book in to a single or both workshops here. Some of you have asked me what is ‘yoga conditioning’, if it’s similar to the conditioning classes in the gym and what do we actually do on these classes. Scroll down to read the FAQ

Q: Is Yoga Conditioning same as the conditioning class in the gym?

No. ‘Conditioning’ refers to exercises that target muscle endurance. This means training the muscle to contract repeatedly over time, as opposed to a strength focus exercise, which requires a bigger force but for a short time. Think about sprints (strength) vs marathons (endurance). But in the middle, there are the distances like 5k, 10k etc. To oversimlify, the middle distance would require both strength and endurance, and the conditioning aims to improve in this range. 8-10 repetitions of a specific movement with a load that tires but doesn’t exhaust.
In this sense, yes, we do muscle conditioning. Where it differs from gym conditioning is the emphasis on the mind-body (neuromuscular) connections, controlled movements and range of movement in the joints. In contrast, many gyms don’t address any of the above during their conditioning, which in the end, is closer to a mid to high-effort cardio session with dumbbells.

Q: So what is happening in the workshop?

We will talk about some exercise science theories and do exercises that target muscles we easily neglect (muscles in the feet, stabilising muscles for the knees and muscles of the hip for the lower body day, and wrists, shoulders and back for the upper body). These exercises will contain isolation movements, various types of stretches and
So it’s a bit of talking, doing some exercises, then some more talking, some more exercises…

We’ll talk about exercise science theories like the neuromuscular connection, muscle isolation and recruitment, difference and similarities of strength and endurance, similarities and benefits of active, active loaded and passive stretches, range of motion and how all of these translate into everyday movements like walking, running, sitting, standing, lifting things up. And then  how these translate into the yoga practice and also.

Q: Can I do my practice in the morning and still attend the workshop?
Yes. Make sure you replenish your body in between; drinking enough fluids and fuelling is essential for any activity.

Q: I don’t feel flexible/strong/*insert any aspect of physical activity* to do the workshop, but interested, can I attend?
Yes, absolutely. The exercises have many levels that suit everybody, and you’re welcome to explore the body’s needs in the workshop. There is no pushing into anything that doesn’t feel right for you at the moment.

Q: Is the workshop exhausting?
It is only as tiring as you want it to be. Like in the yoga classes, you are in charge of the intensity. A lot of exercises will target small muscles where our goal is to create the mind muscle connection to be able to recruit and isolate muscles and muscle groups. These exercises might be difficult but not necessarily physically tiring.

Q: Are we going to do exercises for the whole 2 hrs?
No, there will be quite a bit of talking about theory and taking breaks between exercises.


Altogether, this is designed to be a fun, informal day of having the opportunity to explore how your body works through different movements.
You can still book your place for a single or both workshops on the link below or in the studio upon your visit.


Yoga Conditioning Workshop Series with Bogi
29/07 Saturday  2.00-4.00 pm
05/08 Saturday   2.00-4.00 pm


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