Yoga Classes & Timetable

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore
6.15-7.15 Beginners Mysore 6.15-7.15 Beginners Mysore
10.00-11.15 Yoga Flow
12.30-1.30 Yoga Flow Lunch 12.30-1.30 Yoga Flow Lunch
6.00-7.15 Yoga Flow ‘Focus’  6.00-7.30 Yoga Flow 6.00-7.00 Yoga Flow Beginners 6.00-7.15 Yoga Flow
7.30-8.30 Yoga Flow Beginners 
Sat Sun
8.00-9.25 Yoga Flow 9.30-11.20 Mysore 11.30-12.30 Yoga Flow Beginners
9.00-10.30 Yoga Flow


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Yoga Class Descriptions

All our classes are based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa method


Beginners’ Yoga

Yoga can change your life, if you let it.

At North Sydney Yoga we believe in creating a good habit right from the beginning. We recommend you practice three times or more during the week, to reap the physical benefits and emotional ‘highs’ such a practice brings. After just one month of practicing this way, you will not believe how good you feel!

Allow yourself to be motivated by your fellow students, who have achieved so many of their goals.

It takes time to create a good habit, and we want you to create a healthy habit with Yoga, right from the start. Make a commitment and with your permission, we will meet you in that commitment and hold you accountable to reaching your goals! We will not let you fail unless you insist on it.


Our Beginners’ Classes are lively and fun and perfect for those completely new to yoga, new to Ashtanga or for those who would like to refresh their practice. You will learn the proper use of the breath, and a sequence of poses with a thorough introduction to the practice.

What to expect

WEEK 1 – Your muscles will probably share with you that they haven’t been used in this way for a while and they may feel a little tender. Don’t worry about that, this will go away very quickly. You might like to allow for some extra time to rest and recover during this first week. Tip: An Epsom salt bath – or add some lavender to your bath water – does wonders to muscle soreness.

WEEK 2 – You will start to obtain a better grasp of the techniques you have learned so far, and already become aware of slight improvements in flexibility and strength, and even experience your first emotional ‘yoga highs’.

WEEK 3 – Now as the practice has ‘sunk in’ more, you might have faced some challenges, and you might experience some exhilarating moments of mental clarity, emotional balance, and a sense of wonderful well-being.

WEEK 4 – Towards the end of your first month of committed practice you will be most likely able to master some of the practice at your own pace; with a sense of inner strength, fun and curiosity for what other beautiful experiences this amazing yoga practice holds in store for you. By the end of this program you will feel dramatically better and ready to take regular classes with Yoga Flow or Mysore.

Which Classes shall I attend?

There are two types of classes on offer, which are specifically tailored to suit your needs: ‘Beginners’ Mysore’ and ‘Yoga Flow Beginners’. ‘Yoga Flow Lunch’ can also be attended, as they are only one hour long, and welcome newcomers to the practice.

— Beginners’ Mysore

…are held early mornings, on a monthly basis. They set you up for a beautiful ‘perfectly flowing’ day. Group sizes are small so students can enjoy individualized instruction from the teacher. These classes are a great introduction to the unique Mysore Style of practice, where you will witness fellow practitioners of different levels who will inspire you and spark your commitment.

You will learn a sequence of postures, which you will memorize and practice in your own timing, giving you all the space and time you need until you feel confident with your sequence of postures.

These classes serve as a stepping-stone for you to participate fully in the Early morning Mysore classes and the Saturday Mysore class.

Reserve your space in the next monthly program – bookings required!

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— Yoga Flow Beginners

…are held in the evenings and on Saturdays. These uplifting classes are for those with little or no experience of Yoga; or those with an existing injury or condition that requires an easy pace and a gentle approach. You are welcome to stay at this level for as long as you like until you feel ready to step up to the Yoga Flow classes.

How to enrol

We are so confident that this will be the right thing for you to reach your goals that we recommend you take the Monthly unlimited Beginners’ Pass. As a new student we will give you a 15% discount, and you start your yoga practice with some real tangible benefits in no time at all.

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Yoga for the more experienced

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow classes are suited to practitioners with some experience in Yoga, and who want a joy-filled challenge! They can be attended on a drop-in basis, which gives you greater choice and time flexibility. The focus of our ‘Yoga Flow’ classes is on the linking of movement with breath in the practice of Yoga, which makes the experience so enjoyable. This class is for those who would like to deepen their practice or feel ready to step up from Beginners’ Flow.

Mysore Style

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Unique to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method, is the Mysore Style class. In these classes our students practice individually at their own pace, together with the guidance of their teacher. Come and experience the joy of developing your own bespoke practice!

To help you orient yourself to the Ashtanga sequence, we recommend attending the Beginners’ Mysore classes (held in the Mysore room).

Yoga Flow Lunch

A shorter version of the Yoga Flow class that focuses on linking movement to breath. A powerful and invigorating one hour class to give you a lift in the middle of your day!

Yoga Flow ‘Focus’, Every Monday

FREE on first Monday of each month.

Yoga Flow ‘Focus’ is a drop in class for those with some Yoga experience, and who are interested in exploring their yoga practice in greater depth and detail. Each month we will shine a spotlight on specific elements of the yoga practice and different areas of alignment, giving you a deeper understanding of your practice. A great class to start your week!

Individual Class

All of our highly trained and experienced teachers, are available to provide personal instruction. You may be interested in designing a personalised practice, wish to discuss and refine specific areas of your practice or would like in-depth guidance for injury. Pricing is for 1 hour of personal instruction.