Returning from Europe I had such a warm welcome back in Australia. In Europe there are very strict rules around dealing with the virus and sometimes the everyday movement of people on public transport. Especially in Germany, where the Germans are very good at policing people and sometimes just a little bit too perfect ;)

But here, the day after my return to OZ, the manager at our local cafe shouted me a muffin with my coffee as a welcome. And a little later down the road when I walked past the bakery, the woman waved me in unprompted, and filled a little bag with goodies for me. I was very touched.

Australians show a lot of goodwill and kindness, there is a lovely generosity here. Of course what I always admire is their ability to ‘take it easy’, it’s just a lovely quality to have.

Practice when travelling requires a lot of discipline, at a time when of course you least feel like being disciplined. So I kept it to being fun, and fitting it in when possible. What I particularly loved was attending a couple of classes in Portugal, both in Lisbon and Porto. That’s the beauty of Ashtanga, you’ll find it nearly everywhere in the world, and the practice will always be familiar.

I find it an exciting and riveting experience, to meet different teachers and observe how they deal with each student within the practice, especially when they don’t know that I teach myself. Although, it was not so much fun on a dark, rainy day early morning in Porto, to walk to a Mysore class with my yoga mat under my arm, only to find the shala closed for one week. So plan ahead, if you are intending to join a class you haven’t been to before.

I am glad I was able to make it on another day, as I really loved practicing there. Their beautiful studio had a rich energy, similar to our wonderful space.

I wish you a wonderful 2022. Let Yoga guide and inspire you to live a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Hope to see you on the mat soon.
OM Shanti,

P.s. There are a couple of classes on Wednesday 26th with Angelika
Also: We are very much looking forward to the Weekend Workshop with Dena Kingsberg on 5-6 February. There are only 4 spaces left for the whole weekend. One-day options are already fully booked. Come along to experience a truly inspired and inspiring teacher.