Congratulations! You are considering or are currently practicing yoga! A wonderful practice for your body, mind and spirit!  Some times people ask why they would practice at a studio when they can get yoga on the cheap at the gym… Here’s why you should choose to practice with us.

You Receive the Best Instruction

…North Sydney Yoga requires all teachers to have extensive training. Our teacher training requires a three year commitment, throughout which our trainees have to practice up to six times a week, have to engage in extensive study, self-reflection, and enquiry into their own ethics. They get given lots of homework, assignments, and written and practical exams have to be passed successfully. All of our teachers have training in yoga postures, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, yoga physiology, teaching skills, yoga history, and more. The training required to teach yoga at a gym is not nearly as extensive!  At North Sydney Yoga you are receiving the best instruction, which will give you a deeper, more meaningful practice with teachers who walk the talk.

You Will Be Safe and Cared For

At North Sydney Yoga you will notice our teachers demonstrating but also walking around the room assisting you and ensuring you are aligned correctly and safely. Gym yoga teachers are usually at the front of the room practicing yoga with the students and may not even know how to assist or modify the posture for you. Our teachers know the poses from personal practice (and not just via text book instruction). You will have a safe, enjoyable practice that works for you and gives you a sense of progression! You will notice we are also friendly, caring and compassionate which means you will feel welcome and heard rather than feeling like just a number.

You Will Feel Comfortable

Yoga is an individual experience, not a competitive sport. You will never feel pressure in our classes, and although we love to challenge our yoga students, you are encouraged to stay within your limits. North Sydney Yoga teachers also offer variations of many poses for students of different levels and we love beginners! You will never feel intimidated or silly. We welcome everyone!

Your Home Away from Home

…North Sydney Yoga is an oasis of calm, inspiration and positive energy. The ambiance at a gym will tend to be, well, gym-like. We take great care to provide a relaxing, welcoming, and nurturing environment. We provide a healthy, toxin-free space, with all surfaces painted with toxin-free paint, our beautiful timber floor is treated regularly with natural oils, and is not varnished. Essential oils and candlelight provide a relaxed atmosphere. We want our yoga shala to be your home away from home. We also love to build community. We learn your name, know about your particular physical challenges, and how we can help you. We encourage you to relax or to quietly connect with other like-minded people before or after class.

Payment Structures that Meet Your Needs

Unlike gyms who are hoping you will NOT use your membership we actually want you in class and celebrate your practice. We also have a variety of ways to pay for classes and not just a yearly membership that you may or may not use. We offer a new student discount for you to get a feel for our yoga school, before you commit to us fully.

Classes Designed for You

You’ll find we offer a greater range of classes providing instruction on different levels. We are a yoga studio that believes our offerings should meet YOUR wellness and fitness needs. There are also a variety of class time options available.

You might like to start out with our ‘Beginners drop-in’ classes or ‘Yoga Essentials’ courses. After some time when you feel ready, you can move up to the ‘General’ classes.

A more traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga is attending the ‘Mysore’ style classes held in the early mornings. Get introduced to this way of ‘self-practice’ with teacher guidance, by attending our Early Morning ‘Yoga Essentials Intensive’ course, held twice weekly for one month. After this course you will be able to join the regular ‘Mysore’ morning classes, which allow for an individual and timely development of your yoga practice.

A Holistic Experience

…In line with the true Yoga tradition, we care about the progression in your yoga practice, your personal growth, and overall wellbeing. Our classes are just the right size, so we are able to -over time – oversee and advise you on your individual Yoga journey. You will always be part of our Yoga community, and receive individualised and appropriate guidance.

If you wish to take your Yoga journey further, you can also join our reputable ‘Deepen the Experience’ course, which can even take you up to the next level – our teacher training. This is the most beautiful and rewarding way to give back what Yoga has given you, which is a more balanced, fulfilled, fun and contented life.

Give yourself the true experience of yoga at a high quality, affordable, friendly and authentic studio – North Sydney Yoga. We look forward to seeing you soon.