Yoga for fertility

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible things a person can do with their life. The desire to expand a family and welcome a child into the world is ingrained in most women and men, and can provide a real, meaningful boost to your wellness, contentedness, and identity.

Unfortunately, becoming pregnant is not easy for some women. It may take months, or even years of trying before the spark of life begins to grow.

Of course, the longer couples go without success, the more stressed, depressed, and anxious they may become. And, according to medical studies, the more negative emotions that start accumulating, the harder it can be to fall pregnant.

This is why spiritual, physical, and mental wellness is so important for would-be parents.

Keeping yourself calm, centred, positive, and healthy while trying for a baby can have significant benefits for your fertility. In addition to medical advice, those wanting to become pregnant may want to try yoga.

Why yoga?

Yoga is widely accepted as a great exercise for improving mental wellbeing and reducing stress, so it could have a significant influence on minimising those factors that could be affecting your fertility.

By focusing your mind, relaxing your body, and controlling your breathing, you can return yourself to a calm state and approach your fertility with renewed positivity.

Additionally, yoga poses also help increase your circulation and detoxify the body, ensuring you’re in the best state of health to carry a child.

Ensuring your child has a positive environment in which to grow is important for both mother and baby. The healthier and happier you are when you begin, the better the chances for a stress-free pregnancy.

Where to begin

If you’re thinking about starting a family, there is no better time to pick up yoga. The earlier you start practicing your breathing and asana, the easier it will be to continue throughout the pregnancy.

To start off with, most yoga styles and positions are beneficial. Moving with the breath as well as the simple act of holding poses should help with blood flow. Pranayama – breathing techniques – are great for stress-reduction and concentration.

Once you begin to focus on fertility, poses that send blood flow and energy to your core can be beneficial. You may also want to consider asanas that take the tension out of your back and increase flexibility in your hips, as this can help you maintain your posture and alignment when you begin carrying baby weight.

The Yogini Squat, for instance, is great for strengthening your pelvic floor, which is a positive for both pregnancy itself and the act of trying to fall pregnant. The continuous practice of mula bandha, the root lock in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, tones your pelvic floor, and brings a lot of awareness into the area, which is extremely beneficial. 

Getting the most out of yoga for fertility

While there are a range of asana that will help with fertility and pregnancy, the most important factor is your mental wellbeing. Meditation, focus, and positivity should be a primary feature of your yoga sessions at all times, especially when dealing with fertility.

Whether you’ve been trying for a while, or are only considering the idea, changing your mental state and physical wellbeing through yoga may be a great way to focus on fertility. When performed in conjunction with sound medical advice, there are many benefits for would-be mothers – and fathers – so now is the best time to begin.