Winter Yoga Challenge 2023 August

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31.07-27.08.2023 (bonus week on

The sign-up board is already up in the change room in the studio! Some of you have already put your name in and the number of times you wish practice during the weeks of challenge. Then, when you practice reward yourself with a stamp on the day on the board. The stamps are fun and very cute, I highly recommend to join the challenge.

For new students and regulars as well, the WYC is an opportunity to bring consistency (back?) into your weekly yoga practice. Consistent efforts with sustainable measures will get more benefits and fewer injuries and burnout in the long run. This applies not just to your yoga practice but to most things in life we do. Four weeks are enough to feel the benefits of good habit formation, and it will provide the final push to get through the last bits of winter. The board gives accountability to commit to your set number of practices and rewards with the stamps (again, much fun) to focus on your practice and show up on your mat for yourself. The regularity can be 1/week to establish a practice, or you can commit to any number up to 6/week as long as it’s sustainable for four weeks at least.

Sign up now in the studio!

The Challenge starts next week on the 31st of July and runs for 4 weeks

PS: workshop attendance also counts

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