Timetable changes

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Some changes will occur in the coming weeks to our time table as Angelika resumes teaching again after her trip. We couldn’t thank enough all the hard work and dedication of the teaching team for the last 5 months, who made it possible to run the classes smoothly. So thank you very, very much!

Most classes will return to be taught by the same teacher as in May, but there are some permanent changes as well. Iris will continue on with the Wednesday beginners class and Bogi will teach mysore Thursday and Friday mornings.

If ever in doubt, please check the classes on the Mind Body App or contact us.

Week of 6-12 of November

Monday to Wednesday – no changes

Thursday, 9.11. 5:30 am Mysore – Angelika (temporary)

Friday, 10.11. Mysore – Bogi

Saturday, 11.11. 8:00 am Led – Bogi

  • 9:30 am Mysore – Angelika
  • 11:30 am Beginners – Angelika

Sunday as usual

Starting from the 13th of November

Mysore classes

  • Monday to Wednesday – Angelika
  • Thursday and Friday – Bogi

Evening classes

  • Monday, Focus – Angelika 
  • Tuesday, Led – Angelika
  • Wednesday, Beginner – Iris
  • Thursday, Relax – Robyn
  • Friday 6pm conditioning – Bogi

Weekend classes are same as previous week (11-12.11.2023.)

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