A love of movement and background in dance led Robyn to discover yoga at 17, and it has been a deep, abiding constant in her life ever since. She has studied a wide variety of styles including Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Power, completing over 670 training hours to attain NatureCare’s Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching (2005) under the guidance of Mark Breadner, Michael de Manincor, and Eve Grzybowski.  She has additional certification in alignment and assisting from both Power Living Australia and Body Mind Life. In 2015 she became a certified Forrest Yoga teacher under Ana Forrest (Lvl 1 – 200hrs), and continued her Forrest training with a one-year mentorship under Forrest Guardian Sandra Robinson (UK).  She recently completed the three year Ashtanga teacher training apprenticeship with Angelika @ NSY (2019).

Having experienced it for herself, Robyn cherishes and respects yoga’s potential for transformation through the intertwining of breath and movement, and its capability to inspire the healing of physical, mental and emotional trauma.

As much as she loves green juices, she’s a firm fan of great coffee and dark chocolate.