Lisa has what many yogis dream of, a partner who loves yoga just as much as she does.  She and her husband began practicing at North Sydney Yoga in 2002 when they suddenly found themselves without a Pilates teacher.

Since then she has developed a daily practice and spent three years with Angelika as an apprentice of the school.  Lisa’s yoga journey has seen her move away from the corporate world to concentrate on her yoga teaching and her passion for passing on the mental calmness and clarity the practice has brought her.

Over the years, Lisa has attended many workshops run by senior teachers including Sharath, Dena Kingsberg, John Scott, Michael de Manincor and Gregor Maehle.  She also travels regularly to Bali for retreats with Graeme and Leonie Northfield.

Lisa brings to her classes warmth, lightness and a sense of connection. She always teaches from the heart with patience and encouragement.  Her hope is that her students have a nice practice, sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed!

Away from yoga, Lisa enjoys fine dining and cooking with her husband and travelling the world.

Lisa’s Classes