Yoga Teacher Training Course


The successful completion of Deepen the Experience – Study & Practice Course
* See further detail in course description


Two hours Weekly Theory Class

Times and days to suit participants

Weekly Practice (with teacher and apprentices)

800+ hours

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After the successful completion of the Deepen the Experience – One Year Study & Practice Course you may continue with the second year of the training.

Our reputable Yoga teacher training course has high standards. It exceeds 800 hours, which is four times as much as the average course. Just as the learning, the progress, and deep understanding of yoga takes its time, so does teacher training. Only if you are proficient and consistent in your practice, will you be able to teach a class effectively, responsibly, and passionately. There are no short cuts. Traditionally, a student who aspired to learn how to teach spent many years with their teacher.

As good teaching draws from strength and confidence, we aim to assure that your own asana practice develops in line with your teaching skills. This shall be accompanied by a thorough understanding of yoga ethics and philosophy so that you live yoga in your daily life, and your skills in teaching will eventually be enriched by deep insight, wisdom, and compassion. This is what makes a good teacher.


To qualify for the three year training program, successful candidates must display sufficient devotion, discipline, and interest in all areas of the first year of study and practice to proceed to the second year. During the first year you are expected to have practiced at least four times a week in the early mornings or at any other of Angelika’s classes. This will increase over the three years of training. During these years, weekly assisting in Mysore style classes will be an essential. The weekly meetings will continue also.

You need to participate in at least one of the one-week workshops the school offers during the year, and the yearly course on the yoga sutras held by Michael deManincor. A further requirement to be fulfilled by the end of the third year will be the completion of an anatomy and physiology course, a course in a “hands-on discipline” such as massage, shiatsu, reiki etc as well as first aid training.

This is a highly personalized training with consistent close contact to Angelika.

This course shall provide a balance of challenge, mixed with fun, support, love, and understanding for yourself and each other. The learning outcome very much depends on your input and willingness to experiment, inquire, and … practice!

I look forward to walking this journey with you

Om Shanti


There is no doubt that the practice of Yoga can be profoundly transformative on every level of being. One doesn’t need to practice too long to realise this. From a physical starting point, and with time, this practice unfolds in the most beautiful and often wonderfully unexpected ways.

However, simply practicing Yoga alone is not enough – it requires the guidance of a skilled, experienced, compassionate and patient teacher. A teacher who stands beside you, equally, through both your challenges and your triumphs. Someone to help you see your own potential and to inspire and guide the quality of your actions.

Angelika has certainly been this teacher for me and I am forever grateful for the time I have spent with her over the years.

Angelika has created such a wonderful space for learning and practicing at North Sydney Yoga. The teachers she has on board are very well trained and so generous with their energy. There is a strong sense of community at North Sydney Yoga also. It is really nice to have a group of like-minded and friendly individuals to practice with.

North Sydney Yoga also hosts a great number of excellent workshops with some very esteemed teachers. There are always great opportunities to expand your understanding further whether it be: postures, breathing, meditation, or philosophy.

Quite simply, North Sydney Yoga is a great place to practice Yoga!

– Andrew Trotter
Director- Yoga Sanga Otautahi
Christchurch, New Zealand

After a retreat with Angelika in the Blue Mountains over a weekend, I was drawn to commence the three year apprenticeship at NSY. Whilst sitting at my work desk one day shortly after the retreat, I looked out onto Sydney Harbour and had a feeling deep down in my heart that this was something I had to do. The guidance, dedication, knowledge, support and commitment from Angelika was something never experienced before. She really believed in me and devoted so much time and energy throughout my journey. I have been very fortunate and very blessed to be taken on as a teacher at NSY. I have grown in my practice, as a woman and in my life.

– Lisa Rippon
Teaches at North Sydney Yoga

The NSY teacher training program has enriched my experience of yoga beyond words. The training was challenging, enlightening and informative, as well as providing a unique opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with like-minded individuals on a regular basis. Having completed the training some years ago and now as a busy teacher and owner of my own small studio, it is even more apparent to me how lucky I have been to have had such thorough, skilful and effective training.

The NSY program teaches you “how to teach” as well as encouraging you to develop a well-rounded personal practice. It is wonderful that yoga is experiencing such a revival of interest these days, but it is even more important that the integrity and quality of teaching is elevated in the face of such popularity. I cannot recommend the NSY program highly enough to set you firmly on the path of the lifetime of learning that is necessary to teach effectively.

Even if you do not go on to teach, the depth of understanding of yoga you will gain will enhance your life and personal practice. I am eternally grateful to Angelika for her compassion, discipline and wisdom, and consider myself blessed to be her student.

– Lainie Cook
Director – Pyrmont Yoga Studio

The apprenticeship I undertook with Angelika was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. Under her careful and caring guidance I have been able to develop physically, mentally and emotionally – I never expected to have such a deep respect and dedication to this ancient practice.

Angelika has instilled and nurtured my love of yoga, and my life is so much richer and full as a result of the study with her. Angelika’s encouragement was such a motivator to keep going when times got tough, and I am grateful for the belief she had in me, both as a student and trainee teacher. I cannot thank Angelika enough for all the love and support she has provided over the years.

– Charlotte Cox
Teaches at Yoga Studio Bondi Junction