Stability and Security within Yoga

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Ashtanga Yoga, Community, Health & Wellbeing, Wisdom

We could equate the term stability with the strength to retain our balance and equilibrium. It could also be understood as order, set routines, regularity, and reliability. To retain a sense of control of our lives we set up a safety net and structure around us, in the hope it will provide us with stability. But soon we will experience the ephemeral quality of all of those exterior circumstances that were meant to make up our safety bolster.

False sense of security?

Our mind likes to compartmentalise, put labels on situations and things, and a structure it can rely on. But especially in the current state of our world, all we can ever rely on is flux, the certainty of change. It may be having to move house, change jobs, the end of a relationship, or more serious events like floods, fires or the death of a loved one. We become acutely aware that no matter how well and stable and secure we have arranged for our life to be, how many insurances we have taken out, or how much wealth we have accumulated, things happen which are beyond our control, and can turn our life or belief systems upside down in an instant.

Cultivate discipline

Yoga teaches us to connect with an aspect of ourselves deep within, which is stable, permanent and always contented – it is called Purusha. Something we can rely on, and which keeps us stable and grounded amidst a wobbly world.

Starting with the exterior, the most gross level of our being the physical body: we gain flexibility and strength, which will reflect in mental adaptability and endurance. Physical stability requires continuous Asana practice, the application of the Bandhas (muscle seals); and standing postures, especially one-legged ones are an excellent help in developing those qualities.

Find your inner strength

The more we get in touch with our essence, gaining more insight and knowledge about ourselves, the subtler those practices become. We begin to internalise and move to more profound levels of our being. Not only are we able to better endure and catch a physical or emotional jolt, we can also face difficult and upsetting situations with more equilibrium, calm and composure. We are learning to rely on our inner strength and trust. We know that with a flexible approach, staying fluid not only in our physical movements but also how we handle change, we will be able to adapt and equally stand our ground in the face of adversity.

Regular Pranayama practice will enable us to sustain and build up our energy levels to enable us to stand tall and strong. Continuous meditation practice will provide us with discernment, good judgement, and help us in becoming a reliable, trustworthy, stable and calm person, also during challenging moments.

We have a responsibility toward ourselves, the loved ones around us, and friends, to do the best we can to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Continuous Yoga practice gives us exactly that, it promotes health and well being.

What you get back is so much more than what you put in. Practice!

OM Shanti,


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