A Spring Yoga Challenge is the best way to reignite and consolidate your practice. This challenge is for everyone willing to try.

It is designed to inspire you to bring more yoga into your life with the support of the entire studio community. Make it your intention to lead a healthy lifestyle. Increase your energy and create and sustain healthy habits towards a longer, fuller life. Be an inspiration to others through your own personal transformation.

You set a goal to complete either 3, 4 or 5 classes minimum per week within 35 days to be completed by 15 October. The latest starting date is 10 September.

Step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!

Signing up

Put your name on the ‘Challenge Sheet’ indicating your goal of either 3, 4 or 5 classes minimum per week, and your completion date. The completion date is 35 days from the day you signed up.

Remember to track your classes on the ‘Challenge Sheet’. Stick one of the gold stars on it every time you have completed a practice :)

Award yourself with the best gift you can give to yourself! 

I am looking forward to many more happy yogis and yoginis.

OM Shanti, Angelika

P.s. Registration if FREE, and there is no extra cost to join ‘The Challenge’. You can use your regular multiple class passes to attend.

… any questions? email us