Pranayama with Angelika

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Ashtanga Yoga, Classes, Events

When practicing pranayama – the control & release of the breath – we are accessing our ‘pranic’ sheath (Pranamaya Kosha). This is the energy field within and around us; it is the energy we ‘feel’ another person is emanating; it is what we pick up or what someone ‘gives off’ e.g. when they enter a room.

The practice of pranayama can make us feel very peaceful, connected, and calm, as well as grounded and light. It heightens our senses and increases concentration. It helps us become the beautiful person we wish to be.

No prior experience in Pranayama is needed; all levels welcome!


28 September 2019
Saturday 11.30-12.30pm


$28 each or use your multiple class pass or monthly pass and add $5

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