Planning your yoga pilgrimage

If yoga has become an important part of your life, then you probably realise that yoga is about so much more than holding asana in a classroom. From building inner serenity to forging lasting friendships, making yoga a focal point in your life can have many benefits.

In fact, the practice of yoga is so influential that many people dedicate large chunks of their lives studying, practicing, and teaching yoga around the world. Whether devoting their lives to becoming professional yogis, or simply seeking a temporary reprieve from their everyday world, a yoga pilgrimage can be a good way for people to discover more about the world of yoga, their own bodies, and the inner workings of the mind.

If you’re looking to take the next step to deepen your connection to your favourite pastime, here are a few ideas to help you plan your ideal yoga pilgrimage.

Consider your options

While your first thought when considering a yoga pilgrimage may be of India, there are many more options that may be a better fit for your plans.

When thinking of your ideal destination, keep in mind your resources, budget, and expectations. If you prefer to travel in style, a contemporary trip around America’s top yoga spots could be ideal. However, if you’re hoping to find a more authentic experience, heading to the temples in Nepal can grant a spiritual vacation like no other.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of yoga retreats available in the more popular locations, and try to dig a little deeper to find a pilgrimage that is truly as individual as you are.

Solo and spiritual, or fun and friendly?

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ pilgrimage, with the very idea of a spiritual retreat focusing on the things that boost individual wellbeing and contentedness.

Therefore, you need to consider what type of trip will make you truly happy. Are you a solo traveller, preferring silence and serenity? Or perhaps you can’t imagine going anywhere without your friends or partner?

Don’t be afraid to break the mould when planning your pilgrimage. A group retreat can be just as rewarding spiritually as a lone trek. Just remember that by inviting others along, you may have to make compromises when it comes to activities, destinations, and timing, so plan for extra preparation time.

Look to the future

Before you head out on your yoga pilgrimage, you should already know what you want to bring home at the end. Do you want to know everything about the origins of yoga? Is this trip your opportunity to achieve mindfulness? Would you like to explore the lineage of the yoga method your are practicing in greater depth?

Being able to answer these questions truthfully and confidently will help you plan the ideal trip. If you want to learn, heading to India could be the best way to delve deeper into the ancient teachings and practice of Yoga. Attaining mindfulness is possible almost anywhere, but looking out over the Nepalese mountains sure could help.

Visiting the humble villages in India where yoga was allegedly formed. Climbing the serene mountains in Nepal to find your inner peace. Discovering the perfect backdrop for your outdoor sessions in rural America. No matter what your reasons are for travelling, there are many great options for a yoga pilgrimage – all you have to do is start planning.