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Dear students,

we have worked hard to move our classes online as promptly as possible. And we have so far met twice for our first Mysore Online classes! I found it beautiful to witness the students during their peaceful practice in the comfort of their own home, and I was surprised as to the great detail with which I could watch everyone’s alignment on the screen. Apart from a distorted chant, it went well 😉

It is testimony to how strong our Yoga community is, and how a shared practice gives us a sense of connection, a feeling of peace, and emotional, physical and mental wellbeing in this taxing time. We are in this together, and we have to face and move through this situation together.

Join our online classes

The online timetable is up to date, detailing all the classes we are offering. You simply sign up for a class as usual with the mindbody app or on the mindbody website.


It is crucial that we keep moving, and Yoga is one of the best physical activities to practice during a time like this, as it so beautifully addresses all the different layers of our being. We feel healthy, and also emotionally equipped to master the daily changing requirements and challenges, and it keeps our mind focused and calm.

Yoga passes & casual attendance

We very much encourage you to keep practicing using the online platform we have created. If you choose not to, we will suspend your pass until it is safe to reopen our doors. Otherwise you are able to use your current pass as usual or attend on a casual basis.

Signing up for class

Note that for me to be able to send you the link to an online class 15 minutes before it is due to begin, two things are necessary:
you need to sign up for class on mindbody online
the class needs to be paid for in advance

If your pass is running out and you prefer not to pay online, you are welcome to send me an email, and I’ll forward you our bank details. Like this you can choose which account to pay from, and it will save you online and credit card fees.

For those who struggle to afford classes at the moment, please let me know, and we’ll find a way for you to be able to attend.

Yoga Mats

If you need to pick up your yoga mat from the school so you can practice at home, send me an email. I’ll be at our shala on most days.

Brahmari Pranayama

Pranayama morning and evening sessions – Complementary

Everyone who currently has a yearly, monthly or 12 class pass has free access to a five day Pranayama program. There will be a morning and evening Pranayama session on offer, which will last for about 20 minutes each. You can choose to attend all of those sessions, or just the morning or the evening ones only. You will be able to watch them any time you choose to.

Pranayama only

Anyone who would like to sign up for the pranayama course exclusively, you can do so by replying to this email. The cost is $120.

Join Now

There are two Yoga Sutras, one of which helps keep us motivated, and the other reminds us of our common humanity: – The first comments on the effort to practice, explaining that only if we practice the correct method consistently, with enthusiasm and eagerness, may we experience progress; the second sutra encourages us to put ourselves into someone else’s shoes – this might prevent us from buying too many tins of tomatoes, of which we couldn’t get any at the supermarket for tonight’s dinner..

See you online!

OM Shanti, Angelika

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