October focus: the bandhas

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Ashtanga Yoga, Classes, News

In October, we’re shifting our focus to the three bandhas: the jalandhara, uddiyana and muladhara bandha. Physiologically, the bandhas are groups of muscles that aid the breathing during the asana (posture) practice and support the body. But beyond this role, the bandhas also play a fundamental role in the energy body.

When attending the first few Ashtanga classes, the amount of things to pay attention to can be overwhelming. The postures, controlling all the different body parts in the poses, the unusual breathing, and then the teacher instructs you to engage your pelvic floor muscles to catch mulabandha… Often, we don’t even think of the existence of our pelvic floor (unless being pregnant or having health issues), yet alone consciously control those muscles. The initial challenges are absolutely normal (dare I say essential) part of the practice. Give yourself freedom from judgement or expectations and create an open and curious mindset towards your learning experiences. “Practice and all is coming” as Patthabi Jois used to say.

As the bandhas are part of both the physical, and the energy body, they make a significant improvement on one’s breathing, asana (posture), but also on the directed attention. Therefore, the engagement of the three bandhas deepen the mind-body connection, as well as facilitate the moving meditation, as the asana (posture) practice of Ashtanga yoga is called sometimes. This month, immerse yourself in this vital part of the practice.


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