Learn to Love Your Body with Yoga

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Health & Wellbeing, Wisdom

In an image-obsessed society, learning to love our bodies can seem like a hard task. Negative self-talk and comparisons to media-driven ideals often lead to ‘body-bashing’, frustration, and shame. Instead of viewing our bodies as an ally, we tend to critically assess the different parts and make an enemy of what we don’t like.

Asana and meditation practice helps to transform your entire relationship with your body.

Appreciate all of yourself

In yoga practice, you focus on your body from the inside out, to allow you to become aware of your body as a whole, rather than placing attention on appearance alone. When you centre on your breath and calm your mind, you begin to notice the incredible aliveness and strength you possess.

When holding a posture, you notice your inner core, your ability to balance and your flexibility – you learn to appreciate the power you have. Your body and mind join, rather than fight, which leads to transformation both physically and mentally.

Balance your hormones

Fluctuating hormones on top of pressure to conform to body ideals can add to a negative self-image. A daily yoga practice helps to regulate cycles, improve fertility, balance the thyroid and decrease anxiety. Balancing your hormones helps you deal with emotions and gain clarity about your relationship with your body.

Quiet the judgement

Cultivating connection with your breath bridges the gap between your body and your mind. With a quiet mind, you’re able to witness the extent of negative self-talk, judgement and criticism playing on repeat. When you do, it’s possible to change your thoughts towards positivity and gratitude.

You start to look beyond perceived flaws and accept yourself for who you are. Ultimately, yoga helps you find inner strength, which fosters a close connection between your mind, heart, and body.


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