As the school year comes to an end, students across the country are sitting down to their final exams. This can be a busy and stressful time, with the outcome of studies often resting on the performance over the next month.

If you’ve found the pressures of university or school are starting to weigh on your mind, you may be wondering how you can relieve stress while still having time to study.

One solution is yoga. Taking an hour or so out of your busy schedule to practice yoga could be just what you need to improve your mind, body and performance.

Not convinced? Here are three ways yoga can benefit your exams:

Reduce stress and increase happiness

It’s common to feel stressed when you have multiple exams and hours’ worth of revision on the agenda, but unfortunately the more stress you experience, the harder it becomes to study.

This is where yoga can really make a difference. In particular, Ashtanga Yoga is reliant on deep breathing and relaxation. This means you can effectively calm anxiety and return your body to a more peaceful and focussed state.

Improve your concentration

If you find your mind wandering during your studies, taking a break is a good way to refresh and refocus – and yoga can amplify that effect.

The calming process of stretching, holding and moulding your body is a great way to centre your mind and recover any lost focus.

By taking the time to step away from your desk, control your breathing, hold a few poses and look inside yourself, you can get back to the books with a clearer head.

Get moving

When you’re busy studying, it’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down. Whether seated behind a desk, curled up on the couch or reading text books in bed, revision typically encourages a stationary lifestyle.

This is not only problematic for your physical health, but can also cause problems with your mental state as well. Taking breaks and getting the blood flowing is important for ensuring you remain focused when it counts – and for preserving your health down the line.

Yoga is great for stretching weary joints, flexing tired muscles and getting your body moving. The pace of a yoga class should also help you avoid the unnecessary aches and strains you may experience through more high-impact exercises, so there’s no distracting pain or recovery time when you return to your studies.