What Makes Yoga Spiritual?


30 & 31 January 2021

Saturday 30th 2-4 pm
Sunday 31st 11 am-1 pm




Angelika Knoerzer

COVID restrictions apply – 4sqm per person
Please bring a cushion, blanket or what you need to sit comfortably, and notepaper and pen



A Workshop with Angelika

A common western approach to Yoga is practicing postures on the mat, hoping that they will make us fitter, healthier or even prettier. With regular practice we will certainly experience all of these benefits, although with such an approach, we are only just scratching the surface. We know that there is so much more to Yoga! But what exactly is it that makes it different to regular exercise? What does ‘spiritual’ mean to us?

Yoga has gifted us with an obtainable model of how to live our life to its fullest, and how to become a truly likable human being.

This workshop will explore some Yoga philosophy, and Yoga’s great healing powers, drawing on the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads and some Yoga physiology. We will practice chanting, some pranayama and meditation.

We are aiming to gain an understanding what it is that moves us when practicing this beautiful modality.

Everyone welcome.

This workshop is a taster of the ‘Deepen the Experience Course’ beginning in February.