Breath & Bandhas – The Key to a Deeper Awakening


29 & 30 December 2020

Tuesday & Wednesday 6-8 am




Angelika Knoerzer

Due to the current restrictions attendance is limited to 11 participants.



A Workshop with Angelika

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has gifted us with the most precious tools, assisting us in reaching a heightened sense of awareness – through the use of breath and bandhas.

In this workshop Angelika will share her insights into these fundamental processes. Breath and bandhas in combination, have the power to ever-increase the joy of practising, prevent and help alleviate physical challenges, thus creating the cultivation of a single-pointed focus of the mind.

This workshop will be a practical and playful exploration of both Muladhara and Uddiyana Bandha, the root lock and the belly lock. The classes will begin with an exploration of the breath, providing us with a deeper connection to our essence. We will practice movements clarifying the subtle use of the bandhas.

The focus will be on awareness building around these sometimes elusive concepts, and the gradual strengthening of the muscle seals.

We will use specific practices to deepen the understanding and become more confident in the application of the bandhas, which will be interwoven in the Ashtanga sequence.