Breath & Bandhas – The Key to a Deeper Awakening


27 & 28 July 2019
Konstanz, Germany

Saturday & Sunday 7.30-10am



Angelika Knoerzer

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Angelika in Konstanz, Germany

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has gifted us with the most precious tools, assisting us in reaching a heightened sense of awareness – through the use of breath and bandhas.

In this workshop Angelika will share her insights into these fundamental processes. Breath and bandhas in combination, have the power to ever-increase the joy of practising, prevent and help alleviate physical challenges, thus creating the cultivation of a single-pointed focus of the mind.

The classes will begin with an exploration of the breath, providing us with a deeper connection to our essence. We will practice movements clarifying the subtle use of the bandhas. A Mysore style class to follow, will give us the space to explore these ancient and most rewarding practices.