Ayurveda Presentation – Dr Rama Prasad Friday 4th


4 December 2015


Friday 5.00-6.30pm


$19 donation


Dr Rama Prasad

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Rama Prasad

The original source of many of today’s natural therapies, Ayurveda (Aa-yur-vey-dah) is hailed as the ‘mother of all healing sciences’. Born from Ancient Indian wisdom, Ayurveda focuses on inspiring individuals to heal rapidly and easily with the aid of natural resources such as herbs, compounds, diet and nutrition, body therapies, counseling and lifestyle adjustments.

Dr Rama Prasad, in an interactive presentation, will introduce us to some of the fundamentals of this 6,000 year old, living system.

Secrets of Perfect Sleep

Do you feel refreshed when you wake up every morning? Do you wake up easily before the sun rises? Do you wake up happy and relaxed? If you say no to any of these questions, you might like to join us at the presentation. You will learn all secrets of deep and refreshing sleep!

“Gut and sleep connection? Never thought about it ever before!”.

About Dr Rama Prasad

Australia’s most experienced Ayurveda doctor Dr. Rama Prasad was trained at the International Institute of Ayurveda, south India. Along with this he learned classical martial art (Kalaripayattu), and in clinical yoga from his masters. Dr. Prasad was awarded “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central council of Indian medicine in late 1980s.