Deepen the Experience is a one year course that will immerse you in the wisdom of yoga, clarify its relevance to our daily lives, and heighten your experience of the practice.
The course will take you beyond the yoga class and provide an experiential journey to expand your understanding of the method, the history and the philosophy behind this ancient art and science.

Deepen the Experience is for any student of yoga who wishes to broaden their understanding and develop another dimension to their practice.
Each of the three modules of this study and practice course can be taken independently of the others in your own time, or you can complete all three modules successively.  Successful completion of the one year course makes up the first year of North Sydney Yoga’s personalised three year teacher training program.

The next module of this Course begins September 7  – find out more

What our past students say:
“… the beginning of a journey of self discovery… My practice has never been the same.”
- Alex
“Angelika is a gentle and passionate teacher, whose commitment to the complete practice of yoga is inspiring and encouraging.” – Yuen-Yuen