Could Yoga benefit your Children?

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Ashtanga Yoga, Classes, Courses, Health & Wellbeing

Could Yoga benefit your Children?

Many of us might wish we could return to the carefree days of childhood when our adult responsibilities become too overwhelming. However, today’s children face a significant amount of stress, especially as they struggle to switch off and unwind.

The reliance on technology and pressures at school can often mean kids are constantly under pressure and too hyped up to sleep, leading to exhausted mornings and a downward spiral of not enough rest leading to more anxiety.

This state of ongoing stress and hyper-connectivity is clearly less than beneficial for anyone, let alone your children. Fortunately, there is a movement hoping to help kids switch off, unwind and reduce some of the pressure.

Yoga has become part of the curriculum in schools around the world, with physical education teachers encouraging the activity in order to promote flexibility, mindfulness and calm amongst their students.

If you’re a parent who practices yoga, you likely already know the benefits these sessions can have on your mind, spirit and body, so why not extend those effects to your children?

Research from the University of Cornell suggests that yoga can help children in many of the same ways it benefits adults, such as calming the mind and increasing focus.

If the children in your household have been struggling to stay focused on their homework, consider asking them to join in when you perform your asana. By practicing yoga together, you could help them clear and focus their mind, putting them in a better position to tackle their exams.

As an added bonus, frequent yoga sessions can also build confidence, encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle into adulthood and promote an unrivalled sense of wellbeing.

However, before you begin, it is important to notice that yoga with children is going to be a little different to what you usually practice.

Tips to turn your children into mini yogis

Depending on the age of your tykes, you will want to ensure the asanas you choose are appropriate for their bodies.

For teens, they can probably handle a similar level of yoga as when you first started out. However, smaller yogis may require something a bit unique to hold their attention and inspire a love for the pastime.

A good way to get them interested and enjoying themselves is to turn the experience into play. Each pose they hold can tell a story. Imagination is so important for children, so introducing them into your yoga routine is a sure-fire way to make things fun.

Just remember not to take it too seriously. When performing yoga with your children, don’t be disappointed if they can’t do certain poses or if they get distracted easily. By encouraging them, laughing with them, and enjoying yourself, you might inspire a lifelong passion for this relaxing practice, while deepening the spiritual connection you have with your children.

Whether you want to show your kids a few poses at home or take them out to a studio, there is plenty of evidence that shows yoga can be beneficial for the whole family. If you’re keen to get your children involved, talk to an instructor today to find out more about kid-friendly routines.

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