6 Reasons Why Men Should Practice Yoga

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Ashtanga Yoga, Health & Wellbeing

Western yoga classes tend to attract more women than men, largely due to silly misconceptions that still refuse to die. Perhaps you think you need to be super-flexible for posture (asana) practice, or that yoga doesn’t promote strength training? On the contrary, dear fellow! Whatever you’ve got between your legs, yoga means enhanced strength, injury prevention, body suppleness, and an increased sense of overall wellbeing.

So, here are the six main reasons why fellas everywhere should get themselves down to a yoga class today.

1. To overhaul your lifestyle

When you’re in need of a lifestyle boost, gym sessions and a healthy diet are only part of the wider picture. The mind-body techniques of yoga, such as breathing and meditation, offer a more in-depth solution on every level. Yoga provides not just a physical workout, but also the mental discipline to stick to your diet and fitness plan.

2. To challenge yourself

Yoga is one of the best ways to continually challenge yourself. Your body will adapt to posture (asana) practice as you progress into ever-more demanding routines, and you’ll soon notice your increasing ability to quiet your mind and improve your focus. It just gets better and better if you stick with it, and there’s no limit to how much you can improve yourself.

3. To boost flexibility

Men often hesitate to practise yoga, thanks to the belief that you need to be flexible before you even start. Fortunately, this is a load of old cobblers. Flexibility is a benefit of yoga, not a prerequisite for doing it. With controlled movements and gradual progression, your muscles will stretch and lengthen naturally. This gives you improved balance and a much greater range of motion.

4. To build muscle evenly

Gym sessions and fitness classes often focus on specific parts of the body for men, such as the biceps and quads. Postures (asana), however, work on all muscle groups, building them evenly in a safe and controlled manner. By using just your own body weight, you can tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes and legs in every session.

5. To lower the risk of injury and speed up recovery

If you play contact sports, surf or do any heavy lifting, the risk of injury can be very high indeed. A consistent yoga routine provides deep stretching that limbers up your muscles, allowing increased blood flow and detoxification to limit the chances of damage; and increased core and lower back strength help prevent injury. If you do pick up a knock, breathing techniques will help alleviate pain and speed up the healing process.

6. To boost mental health

Clarity of mind and focus are crucial to your mental wellbeing. Yoga practise is a natural path to good mental health, decreasing stress, anxiety and negative thinking through proven techniques. Inner peace is a catalyst for more energy, better mental capacity, and positive life decisions for men and women alike.

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