3 Tips for fitting Yoga into your day

by | Feb 28, 2016 | Ashtanga Yoga, Classes, Wisdom

3 Tips for fitting Yoga into your day

Those of us with busy schedules are often the ones who appreciate pastimes like Yoga the most. The ability to slow down, take some time out and reflect inwards is invaluable but, unfortunately, not as easy as we’d like.

If you’re struggling to make time for yoga classes, it’s likely you’re also feeling the stress of your schedule weighing on your mind. This is often when you need your relaxing yoga sessions the most!

To ensure you’re able to keep calm, collected, fit and flexible no matter the state of your diary or your mind!, here are three simple tips for incorporating yoga into every day:

  1. Incorporate yoga into your routine

When every single entry on your schedule is unavoidable, it can be a challenge to fit in an entire Ashtanga yoga class each week. So, instead of trying to find the extra few hours in your diary, how about introducing yoga moves into small breaks throughout the day?

There are certainly moments throughout your day that allow for some peaceful meditation while standing. For example, when in the shower, take a few minutes to stand skilfully in the Mountain Pose or Samasthiti. When heading out for your lunch break, take a few moments to stretch your shoulders at your desk or twist on your chair before standing. Try talking to a yogi about poses you can perform while seated if you’re spending a significant portion of each day at your desk.

  1. Make the most of your downtime

Typically, even those of us with full schedules will have a few hours of downtime each day. Whether it’s a lunchbreak at work or an hour before bed when we get home, dedicating some of that time to yoga can make a big difference.

If you find yourself sitting for longer than a few minutes with nothing to do, consider a short meditation session. Holding certain asana, practicing your breathing and meditating, doesn’t have to take long and can actually make your breaks significantly more peaceful and refreshing than simply resting.

  1. Change your attitude

It’s unusual for there to be no free time in a day, even for the busiest people. If yoga is something you really want to get serious about, it may be time to change your attitude.

Rather than pushing classes down to the bottom of your priority list, make sure that the hour or two dedicated to yoga each week are honoured. This is an important time for you to reflect, refresh and relax, so make it an unmissable part of your schedule.

Put it in your calendar, make yourself unavailable and don’t be afraid to say no if asked to skip your yoga. If yoga becomes a priority, you should soon see other aspects of your life improve as your mental state and physical health are changed for the better.

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