Yoga Classes & Timetable

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore
 6.15-7.15 Yoga Essentials Intensive Course  6.15-7.15 Yoga Essentials Intensive Course
10.00-11.15 General
12.30-1.30 General Lunchtime 12.30-1.30 General Lunchtime
4.30-5.30 Teenagers*
6.00-7.15 General ‘Focus’  6.00-7.30 General 6.15-7.15 Beginners Drop-in 6.30-7.45 General
7.30-8.30 Beginners Drop-in  7.45-8.45 Yoga Essentials Course* 7.30-8.45 General
Sat Sun
8.00-9.25 General 9.30-11.20 Mysore 11.30-12.30 Yoga Essentials Course*
9.00-10.30 General 5.00-7.00 Kirtan Chanting



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Yoga Class Descriptions



Yoga Essentials

A course for those completely new to yoga, new to Ashtanga or would like to refine their practice. Yoga Essentials systematically introduces breath, Bandhas, Drishti, Vinyasa and the sequence of poses for a thorough introduction to the practice. Choose one of our 6 week courses.

Yoga Essentials Intensive

Like the Yoga Essentials course, the Intensive version is for anyone new to yoga or new to Ashtanga. Yoga Essentials Intensive is a course that is attended twice a week in the early morning, in the Mysore room. This course is great also for anyone who would like an introduction into the unique Mysore Style of practice. Group sizes are small so students can enjoy individualized instruction from the teacher. There is a course starting soon.

Beginners Drop-In

For those with little or no experience of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga; or those with an existing injury or condition that requires an easy pace and a gentle approach. We recommend a minimum of 10 classes for new students at a 20% discount. However, you are welcome to stay at this level for as long as you like. Register for a ‘beginners drop-in’ class now.


General classes are suited to all levels of practitioner and are drop-in classes. The focus of our General classes is on flow and the linking of movement with breath in the practice of vinyasa. This class is for those who are looking for an open class to drop into, would like to deepen their practice or are looking for a class after completing Yoga Essentials.

Mysore Style

sunrise at NSY video clip

Unique to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method is the Mysore Style class. In this class our students practice individually at their own pace together with the guidance of your teacher. Each student practices the Ashtanga sequence of asanas based on the individual instruction they receive from the teacher. To help you orient yourself to the Ashtanga sequence, we recommend taking the Yoga Essentials Intensive (held inside the Mysore room) or Yoga Essentials.

General Lunchtime

Just like the General classes that focus on flow, just shorter. A powerful and invigorating one hour class to give you a lift in the middle of the day.

General ‘Focus’

FREE on first Monday of each month.

General ‘Focus’ is a drop in class for anyone who is interested in exploring their yoga practice in greater depth and detail. Each month we will shine a spotlight on specific elements of the yoga practice and different areas of alignment.

The whole of our yoga practice is built from many different elements, be it postural alignment, groups of poses practiced together, concepts such as Bandhas and Vinyasa or ideas from yoga wisdom. In General ‘Focus’, you will have the opportunity to focus in on areas of interest each month and find a new level of understanding in your practice. This class is designed to complement your practice whether you are beginning yoga or are a more experience practitioner.

General ‘Focus’ of the Month

September 2017 Self-Practice
October The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
November Twists
December Drsti – Gazing Points

Yoga & Meditation for Teens

For young yogis aged 12+

This fun and active series of classes for teens has been especially developed for the needs of young adults. Yoga is wonderful for helping teens develop focus, become more centred, develop discipline, improve posture and cope with tensions. Through this 8 week course that runs during each school term, teens will enjoy the many benefits of yoga and have the opportunity to meet others.


Individual Class

All of our teachers are available to provide personal instruction. You may be interested in designing a personalised practice, wish to discuss and refine specific areas of your practice or would like in-depth guidance for injury. Pricing is for 1 hour of personal instruction.

Kirtan Meditation with Swami Govindananda

Enjoy short talks by Swami Govindananda that will provide answers to many big questions about life. More Details.