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What is Yoga: Learning how to breathe properly

What is Yoga: Learning how to breathe properly What is Yoga? Stretching, chanting OM, a workout, sitting in the ‘pretzel’-posture all day meditating, a naked Indian Sadhu standing on his head, a naked Indian Sadhu levitating? To the uninitiated, Yoga might appear to be an Indian mystic cult…. but not quite. Yoga is a five… Read more »

What to look for in a nutritious breakfast

What to look for in a nutritious breakfast We are constantly reminded that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast (hence the name; we are literally breaking the fast). Having a good breakfast will also prevent us over-eating – and… Read more »

North Sydney Yoga is now on Instagram

In case you didn’t know, we’re now Instagrammers at North Sydney Yoga. Follow us for occasional updates and assorted Yogic goodness!! Lately we’ve been studying in Mysore, India, and so our Instagram is full of the beautiful colours of India! Check us out at

Pranayama with Angelika

Indulge in the beautiful practice of Pranayama – the control and release of the breath. Feel the empowering and cleansing effects of these ancient techniques, which have been for ever a part of the practice of Yoga. Gain clarity, focus, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘Prana’. In these two classes we will… Read more »

The Breath

The Breath After nine cosy months in our mother’s womb, where all our basic needs such as breathing, eating and dealing with waste are taken care of for us, we finally make it out into the atmosphere, and take that first important breath, which is three times more powerful than any breath we will ever… Read more »

The implication of food additives on our health

Food additives help our food last longer and can make it taste, look and smell like something it is not. They enable food to sit on supermarket shelves and then in our cupboards for months – and sometimes years – without going bad. Finally, we eat them. In fact it has been estimated that we… Read more »