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Boundless Joy

Do you remember when you first fell in love with yoga? The first time you innocently followed your teacher’s instructions, not really knowing what to expect? You were curious; just trying out what was suggested, a pure approach, that of the novice. Then you might have had that small, but memorable experience; maybe a sense… Read more »


New Kids Yoga

We are excited to add to our timetable a new yoga class for children.  Open to all children of primary school age, these new courses run for 7 weeks during each school term. Your little yogi will love this fun and creative series of classes that use play to introduce them to all the benefits… Read more »


Why exactly are we using Bandhas?

When I started with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga I was thoroughly excited by the practice of the asanas, the physical exertion, and the challenges. The profound sense of peace and stillness at the end of a practice got me hooked instantly.

Kang Kong

Monthly Recipe – Kang Kong

I was first introduced to kang kong (pronounced kang kung) ten years ago when I went to Timore Leste for my brother and sister in law’s wedding and instantly fell in love with it’s subtle flavours. Kang kong is now becoming more and more popular with growers in our region and I am overjoyed. It… Read more »