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Studio News

Studio News

Let’s Celebrate

Please come along to our get-together! Bring your family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you at our mid-day party…

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore 5.30-8.00 Mysore
6.15-7.15 Beginners Mysore 6.15-7.15 Beginners Mysore
10.00-11.15 Yoga Flow as of Feb 2019
12.30-1.30 Yoga Flow Lunch 12.30-1.30 Yoga Flow Lunch
6.00-7.15 Yoga Flow ‘Focus’  6.00-7.30 Yoga Flow 6.00-7.00 Yoga Flow Beginners 6.00-7.15 Yoga Flow
7.30-8.30 Yoga Flow Beginners 
Sat Sun
8.00-9.25 Yoga Flow 9.30-11.20 Mysore 11.30-12.30 Yoga Flow Beginners
9.00-10.30 Yoga Flow


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FREE Yoga for Everybody

FREE Yoga for Everybody

Every first Monday of the month NSY will gift you a FREE yoga class at 6.00pm – next FREE yoga class 3 December

Everyone is welcome; newcomers and students known to the studio alike.

It’s also a great opportunity to introduce a friend to our beautiful yoga shala!



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In this place, you will experience a
newfound courage, a new resource of energy that will allow and encourage you to tap into your true potential.

Come, surprise yourself... You will be amazed by what you can actually accomplish with commitment and good, gentle guidance.

Yes, you will get stronger, which feels great -- but this is far more than just exercise. Here you will find more comfort living in your skin as your body untangles itself from old patterns of pain and limitation that have been holding you back from living the best version of you.

Just imagine, being at ease in your body, walking tall, eyes sparkling, brimming with strength and vitality and navigating the twists and turns of life with ease and grace!

Yes, it's true, it doesn't happen overnight -- but practicing yoga within the embrace of our all-inclusive and fun-loving community you will feel nurtured and safe, allowing you to show up with all that you are.

Here, you will be acknowledged, respected and celebrated for your efforts, guided at every step on the way with encouragement, authenticity and a smile.

All is possible in our sanctuary. Stories of transformation are
written here... since you are still reading this, it's likely you are ready to write yours.

Feel more aliveWelcome to North Sydney Yoga


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